What Is The Donation Process

What Is The Donation Process

CALL:  609-265-CARS (2277)


or simply fill out the on-line form to start the donation process. We will set up an appointment to pick up your vehicle anywhere it’s convenient for you.

Normally, the actual pick up of your vehicle will be completed within 1-3 days from the time of your call or receipt of the completed on-line form.

what is the donation processWhen our courteous staff arrives, they will present you with a receipt issued from your DAV, and you will turn over your donated vehicle along with your title, extra keys along with any special instructions such as alarms. Our drivers will be glad to remove your license plates before your car leaves your property. Your tags and registration card will always be left with you. Our drivers will also present you with I.D. upon request to ensure the security of your donation.

Very Important Title Information for the Donation Process

Unlike most other auto donation programs, DAV actually transfers title to your donated vehicle at DMV within 24 hours of receiving your donation, relieving you from any future liability concerning your donated vehicle. This is very important to you as the donor.

On the back of your title, please fill in as follows:

Buyer’s name:
Motor Pool Operations 
Sale price:
Date of sale:
Date vehicle is actually picked up
Seller’s signature:
Your signature required


If you have any questions regarding how to fill out your title, please don’t hesitate to contact our office or ask our drivers for assistance. Title mistakes are very time consuming and costly to correct.

what is the donation process