Why Donate Your Car


why donate your car to the disabled american vets vehicle donations and resale motor poolIt’s safe!
It’s beneficial!
It’s easy and hassle free!

Maybe You are …

  • Ready for a new car and you have a car that you no longer want or need ?
  • Have an extra car sitting in the driveway or garage?
  • No longer using the car, but you still have to pay registration, insurance costs and maintenance?
  • Dissolving a business or corporation?
  • Settling an Estate for a loved one?
  • Or you’re planning on moving, and don’t want to ship the car to your new home? Did you know that some states actually charge a registration penalty for vehicles being registered for the first time from out of state?

    Donate your car to DAV and you avoid the hassle of selling the car yourself.

  • We will handle all the details for you – it’s a lot easier than selling the car or trading it in. Placing an expensive ad in the paper or craigslist and dealing with numerous phone calls at all hours of the day and night, strangers in your home or haggling with your dealer. Donate now to help our Disabled American Veterans!

We will pick up the car, free of charge at your home, office, or even at the dealership where you’re buying your new car, wherever is most convenient for you. We flatbed every vehicle to ensure that your vehicle arrives here at the Motor Pool free of any damages, while at the same time relieving our donor’s from any/all liability from the second that you hand our tow operator the keys.

why donate you car to dav

By donating your car to DAV, you will be eligible for  a great tax deduction for the fair market price of your car. The value of the tax deduction may be worth more than you could actually sell your car for due to our program, not to mention the hassle and risks of selling the car yourself or trading  it in at the dealership.

Your donation will benefit you, and at the same time, help the DAV fund our many programs. Help can’t wait.  The proceeds from the sale of your donation are put to good use in your area.