Why Is The DAV Program The Best

Why Is The DAV Program The Best?

Once we arrive at your home or office to pick up the car you are donating with one of our flatbed trucks, we immediately transfer your title out of your name and into DAV at D.M.V. This is very important!


why is the dav program the bestThis step relieves you from any liability involving the donated vehicle. After the title has been transferred at D.M.V., DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS will mail you an original letter of acknowledgement which will show all your vehicle info as well as the full VIN#. This package will be sent to your home address within 2-3 weeks from the date your vehicle was donated.

When your vehicle arrives at the DAV Motor Pool in Hainesport, NJ, the vehicles are immediately given a basic mechanical and safety inspection. The fluids are filled to capacity. We then assess your vehicles overall condition and complete some minor repairs and adjustments. The vehicle will be detailed and polished before the car is advertised FOR SALE in a popular weekly publication. This process will make your donated vehicle much more desirable to the buyer while at the same time earning you a higher tax deduction. All vehicles are driven and appraised individually by our Program Director, Michael F. Jaggard.

In Accordance With the IRS REGULATIONS FOR DONATED VEHICLES, once Your Vehicle is sold to it`s new owner, we will immediately send you I.R.S Form #1098 C Title Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats and Airplanes. This Form will be completed by DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS and will confirm the actual sale price that we received along with the actual date sold. This form should be put away safely and later included with your annual tax return.